“Children become like the things they love”
Maria Montessori


Our admission process is designed to give parents a variety of opportunities to understand the Montessori philosophy and to determine if we are the right school where your child and family can blossom and thrive.

 For parents who are looking to have their child learn in an intimate, friendly and personalized environment look no further. San Marin Montessori welcomes curious learners and their families, in hopes to create a partnership dedicated to meeting the intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs of each child.

To enroll your child or children, an application form must be submitted, once you submitted an application form an interview appointment will be schedule with parents and child.

Applications are accepted throughout the school year. Please fill the contact form so we can e-mail an application with tuition fees.


San Marin Montessori follows the Novato Unified Holiday School District Calendar. Tuition is paid in eleven monthly installments due the beginning of each month.


9:00 A.M through 1:00 P.M

Enrollment Fee $ 400.00

San Marin Montessori welcomes children of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origins. Admissions will be on first comes first basis.

License # 214200208

“When searching for the correct preschool, I was surprised of the vast differences in preschool environment. Though I narrow my selection to Montessori schools (which share the same instructional philosophy) I was still surprised by the variation in environment upon observation. Class size, physical space, requirements for attendance, teacher/child ratio, meals etc. I tried to keep my sense of humor saying; “it is only preschool”. I began to worry about how I would handle bigger parental concerns if preschool selection was throwing me for a coop. Then I found San Marin Montessori!

I knew after only minutes that San Marin  Montessori was the right school for my daughter. She has learned more than I thought possible at her age, my husband and I have learned so much from Magali as well.

San Marin Montessori has been a wonderful village where we as parents are brought together witnessing something to cherish a lifetime. Sometimes I wonder will I ever experience the continuity of social values so completely outside Magali’s school. If not I can only give thanks that it has occurred during my daughter’s formative years.” – Marilyn Lindsay