“Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child open up himself to life”
Maria Montessori

The philosophy of San Marin Montessori is based on the research of Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician an educator. At its heart, The Montessori Method emphasizes; independence, freedom within limits and respect for the child.

San Marin Montessori’s school environment is purposefully designed with beautiful materials in pursuit of an educational experience based on the whole child.

Young children have their own “sensitive periods” for learning. San Marin Montessori’s well-prepared environment provides Toddlers with specific tools that help him gain independence, functional skills, knowledge, and to construct himself.

The goal of San Marin Montessori is to provide a home-like, loving environment where children’s abilities and needs are respected and met.

“San Marin Montessori is a place where children love to be”.

 License # 2142008208

“San Marin Montessori is an exceptional preschool program! Magali is an experience teacher who addresses all aspects of a child’s development. She focuses on improving each individual’s needs daily. Her communication skills are stellar. She made a positive influence on our son’s life and prepared him well for Kindergarten.” – Kalynn Franjieh, Mother of 2, Speech Language-Pathologist