“The child is both, a hope and a promise for mankind.”
Maria Montessori

Children at San Marin Montessori start their day with a nutritious breakfast; fresh organic fruit, whole grain bread, eggs, pancakes, waffles, and cereal are just examples of the everyday changing breakfast.

 Breakfast is served at 9:30 AM. This is a great opportunity to re-enforce good table manners, also a good time to unwind from the sometimes hectic morning rush.

Children who enroll in our program will find that San Marin Montessori is an extension of their home environment. San Marin Montessori is designed to eliminate unnecessary transitions, allowing children to remain in the same familiar and protected setting. This gives your children consistency and order, an important factor in support for their development.

A Typical day is as follows,

 9:00 A.M        Arrival – children remove their shoes and put on their slippers.

 9:20 A.M        Wash hands

 9:30 A.M        Breakfast

10:00 A.M       Clean table, wash hands

10:10 A.M       Children get a book from the library’s carefully selected books.

10:15 A.M       Circle Time – Meditation.

10:40 A.M      Work time – Children work freely in the classroom.

11:00 A.M       Outdoor play.

12:05 P.M       Wash hands

12:15 P.M       Lunch – Children bring their own lunch, hot lunches are welcome.

12:35 P.M       Wash hands, children read a book from the library.

12:40 P.M        Story time, music, Yoga.

1:00 P.M          Dismissal.

San Marin Montessori follows the Novato Unified School District Classified Holiday Calendar.

“We have been thrilled with our experience at San Marin Montessori. It has provided my son with an extraordinary preschool education. Magali Zimmermann is a skill teacher who caters her teaching to each child’s individual needs. Her classroom offers a clean, comfortable and inviting environment. We were impressed with the many units of study and projects. Through this Montessori environment my son has gain self confidence. He has learned respect for his peers, his environment and for himself. Our child is prepared both socially and academically for Kindergarten.” – Aruti Patel