“ALL children can…explode into LEARNING.”
Maria Montessori

San Marin Montessori’s environment is divided into many different areas that provide interesting, purposeful activities such as: sensorial, language, math, critical thinking, practical life, art and a well-supplied library.

The classroom has beautiful materials that attract your child’s interest and fulfill his natural urge to explore the world. The materials also assist children to refine eye-hand coordination. Children are encouraged to explore with paint, clay, glue, crayons and markers.

Language activities are also very important in our program, as your child is in the most sensitive period for acquiring language, songs, poems and stories as well as beautiful materials and presentations that help enhance vocabulary and allow for both receptive and expressive language development.

San Marin Montessori learning revolves around tangible, hands-on experiences. Children use concrete materials to learn math, explore language; find spatial relationships and helps your child explore key subjects such as;

• Science
• Nature
• Music
• Art
• Dance
• Yoga
• Critical Thinking
• Mathematics
• Geography
• Nutrition
• Language
• Practical Life

What to expect

1. A safe-sized, prepared environment that encourages independence and love for learning.
2. A quiet peaceful environment that allows children to respect themselves and others.
3. A caring experienced Montessori teacher that spends significant one-on-one time with each child, guiding them towards self-directed activities, which help children develop self-discipline and self-discovery.

“After many pre-school interviews and analysis…, Magali Zimmermann’s program stood out as special and different. We sent all three of our children to San Marin Montessori Pre-School and could not be more pleased with Magali and her school. Our kids loved going to her school because they loved being part of a school where they learned in an environment where everyone respects each other. Magali is one of those rare teachers who can make a connection with the children and understand their unique needs and capabilities. She made each of our children feel special. She created an environment where students worked as a team and individually. Our children learned all the materials needed to be ready for Kindergarten, while developing friendships that will last long past elementary school. Magali’s classroom evolves as the child develops and is very academically oriented. She prides herself on helping her students reach their full potential, where they become confident, capable, loving and independent learners. All of our children marched into Kindergarten fully capable and ready for the next learning chapter.” – Lisa and Chris Free